Dead Batteries, New Life

Anniversaries have always been significant for me. Sixteen years later, I can still tell you that the day on which we moved from Raleigh to Knoxville was December 13, 2001. My first-ever date with my first-ever boyfriend was on January 16, 2009. My grandfather died February 8, 2012. Some of these dates are unbidden in... Continue Reading →

April Fool, or The Day I Almost Flashed Knoxville

I come from a family of pranksters. April Fool’s Day in my family is serious business. From vaselined car handles and Icy-Hot toilet seats (I was particularly proud of that one) to Dad’s famous assertion of ‘97 that we could see the Hale-Bopp Comet during daylight, the Wood family has a long standing history of... Continue Reading →


We sit, pensive, doing our best not to break, trying to be strong for the man who lies in the nursing home bed, watching as his life slips away. A nurse brings in a fresh pot of coffee, and we each gratefully seek its embrace. Hazelnut comfort slides down our throats and warms our cold,... Continue Reading →

Not Good At Freewriting.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating hobbies I wish I had was the ability to sit down and write a good nonfiction piece. Unfortunately, I am no good at free-writing, thus making the desired hobby a frustration. I have several good ideas for nonfiction pieces, and I know all of them take work, but I... Continue Reading →

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